New Beginning

This year has been a rough start for me personally. We've been dealing with a lot and since I can't change the things we are going through, I've decided to refocus things with my business. First starting with my website. Y'all are some Etsy lovin' peeps, haha! I am grateful for that, so I decided to bring Etsy back and find a website host that would integrate that to my site. Introducing Squarespace-but this meant literally starting from scratch and revamping everything.

Totally fine and has been exciting to renovate something so dear to my heart. I feel like Joanna Gaines, seriously. Redecorating a website that's saturated with southern charm is who I am. This seeps from my very core. As we currently wind through the mountains and back roads that I've been traveling since I was a small child, I'm refreshed and full of hope. I know that things will be okay personally and business related but you can't help but to worry about the effect of change.

I have also redirected my areas of work. Yes, I do love making all the things. Yes I do love sharing the process of making all the things, but I will only share the things that personally move me as I create them. Most items that will be in my shop will resonate in the area of southern charm. This includes all forms of wood art, painting and acrylic items. From time to time, items that are still all things country will make an appearance, like my South Cackalacky tee. 

Where will this road go? I'm not sure, but we will travel these winding, back roads together.

Much love,