The Adorned Fox was created to spread southern charm and joy through the gift of handmade goodies.





What started as a long time love for hand lettering quickly turned to a love for all arts. Through dedication and very hard work, I have continued to expand the variety of items I create. I’ve done this purely for the joy and passion I have to create.

southern roots

Inspired by the winding roads up the mountains I call home, the rustic feel of abandoned cabins and mills, the sound of crickets singing in the night, catching a glimpse of the dandelions dancing with the breeze, and the smell of sweet honey suckles and wild muscadines. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the southern charm of The Adorned Fox.


Dreaming Big

I feel I’ve been preparing my whole life for this venture of business owner. My parents instilled in me an invaluable work ethic, tenacity to never give up any dream and to pursue my goals with every ounce of my being. I strive to learn and grow and am always looking for ways to improve my craft.

D A I L Y   A D O R N M E N T